cycad-palmThe Sago palm is one of the most popular and one of the most cultivated ornamentals in the world.  It is a great addition to any landscape design. It will make a nice display indoor and outdoor.

It is a favorite among gardeners around the world. The Cycas revoluta has become the most popular of all cycads. You can find the Sago palm tree in every botanic garden on our planet.

Landscape gardeners love the plant because of its beauty, long life span and low maintenance requirements. It has become an extremely popular landscaping plant in the Southern of the United States.

You can use a cycad as an accent or a shrub barrier. The Sago palm can be planted with other cycads or palms. The living fossils are great for asian rock gardens.

The ancient cycad is amazing when used as a container plant. It will grow little bit slower than in  landscape, but you can grow it inside as a houseplant in areas with colder climates.

In addition, the long-lived specimens can be used as Bonsai trees. Place the plant in a traditional Japanese ceramic bonsai pod, and it will make an excellent addition to your garden, patio or home.

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