Sago PalmOne of the most common problems with Sago palms is frizzle top. This problem is a result of a Manganese deficiency that causes the new leaves to become yellow, brown and frizzled very soon after they grew out of the top. Eventually frizzle top may cause the death of your plant. This problem is very common if the soil PH (acidity/alkalinity) is too high.

To prevent frizzle top, check the soil PH and the moisture content of the soil. If the roots of Sago palms are staying too wet, they can not absorb elements that are present in the soils.

To correct this problem make sure that the Sago palm tree  is not overwatered. To help your plant, you can spray the leaves with manganese sulfate. Mix one teaspoon of manganese in one gallon of water and spray the leaves. Reapply monthly for 3 months. Also you can apply 1 to 5 pounds of the manganese powder (depending on the size of the plant) to the soil in the spring and the fall.  It can help to correct frizzle top.

Sago PalmFertilizing is necessary to keep your sago palm healthy. The Cycas revoluta requires micronutrients such as manganese, magnesium, iron and potassium. Apply the specifically labeled  fertilizer  to you plant at least 3 times during its active growth from March to  September.

The Sago palm is very sensitive to scale insects. The scales get down in the crown and on the roots and slowly damage and kill your plant. To prevent and control the problem, periodically inspect the leaves. If you notice that some fronds are coated with white or other coverage, use insecticidial oil.

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