cycas-revoluta-sago-palmIf you want to transplant your Sago palm to another location, you don’t need to call your landscape contractor. You can do it by yourself, of course, if it is not too big. Otherwise, be ready to pay a high cost for moving this exotic plant.

Wait until the winter time when the plant is not actively growing. Don’t transplant the Sago palm tree if the weather is too cool. Remember, that moving is always a shock for your plant.

 Dig it out carefully, avoid damaging the roots. Dig deep aroud the plant. I suggest you remove some of the lower fronds, so you can see better, but it is not necessary. Retain as many roots as possible. You can wear gloves because there are thorns are all over your plant.

Transplant the Cycas revolutata into a hole little bigger that the root ball and fill it with a mixture of garden soil from the original hole, sand and peat moss around it.

 Water well after replanting for few months. Be patient, it takes some time to recover, and you may not see a new growth for several months, sometimes for a year. However, the cycad is a very long-lived plant. It will recover from transplanting, regrow and do well eventually.

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